Assuring the quality of the damping device for the HW61.1

In 2020, the newly developed damping device for the 61.1 electro-magnetic point machines entered series production. The new device consists of two facing hydraulic cylinders connected via a valve block. Damping reduces the “banging” of the point tongues in end position and thus protects the overall system. By Pascal Beier

As it is a closed hydraulic system, the impact of trapped air on the damping function had to be examined. This was established by tests carried out within the scope of a research project. A badly bled hydraulic damping device has suboptimal damping impact with increased wear of the point machine and greater noise development.

The research project also aimed at automating the process for the filling and testing of the damping device as far as possible. Several filling methods were tested and compared in order to achieve optimum filling. Once the automatic procedure was established, we developed a concept for a filling and testing device. 

After the research project, the filling and testing unit was constructed and assembled. Some mechanical and hydraulic components from an “older“ test station could be used. Completion and commissioning were followed by renewed tests of the filling and testing process. Thanks to prior risk analysis and staff training, the filling and testing unit could be quickly integrated into the damping-device assembly process.

We have thus succeeded in developing a sustainable concept for automated filling and testing, and can provide our customers an optimally filled and tested damping device.