Number 100 – and as to the Point as ever!

Dear Readers,

It’s our jubilee: You are holding the 100th edition of the in your hands! Our customer newsletter has become a must-read for the tram and railway community in 44 countries around the globe over the last decades.

100 x, that means: 100 dynamic covers, over 2,000 pages of informative articles and more than 400,000 copies distributed. Numbers which we can be proud of!

We would like to thank all involved in the publication of our, and also say a big “Thank-you” to our readers. Without you and your feedback, the would not be what it is today.

Apropos feedback: we have made it even easier for you to let us know what you think: Just use the new feedback link which now forms part of the signature of every email. Your suggestions help us to continue to improve … in line with our new sustainable, successful and extraordinary N.E.U.denken approach. 

Please continue to stay safe.
Best wishes from Oerlinghausen

Christian Schmidt
Managing Director


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