Future Mobility

# 125 Years HANNING & KAHL

We cordially invite you to the INNOTRANS from 24. – 27.09.2024 in Berlin.
Visit us in Hub 27Stand 610.

Discover our new products and have interesting conversations in an informal atmosphere.

As it is our jubilee, we would like to give you a special gift: Let your eye become a work of art! Visit our stand and take a look at the future of mobility together with us.

Looking forward to seeing you.


Find your HANNING & KAHL partner and arrange an appointment per e-mail.

  Eisolt, PaulEisolt, Paul
Feldner, HannesFeldner, HannesFeldner, Hannes 
 Gerlach, StefanGerlach, Stefan 
 Grote, JörgGrote, JörgGrote, Jörg
Hanning, AlexanderHanning, Alexander  
Heidbrink, ChristophHeidbrink, Christoph  
Hoblitz, BerndHoblitz, Bernd  
Hoedemaker, EelcoHoedemaker, EelcoHoedemaker, EelcoHoedemaker, Eelco
 Ilge, FrankIlge, FrankIlge, Frank
Janke, SebastianJanke, SebastianJanke, Sebastian 
  Jurczyk, AndreasJurczyk, Andreas
Kipp, ClaudiusKipp, Claudius  
Kleinert, PascalKleinert, Pascal  
 Klöcker, KayKlöcker, Kay 
Knaust, ChristianKnaust, ChristianKnaust, Christian 
 Lindhorst, FrankLindhorst, Frank 
Meinecke, JensMeinecke, JensMeinecke, Jens 
Müting, DanielMüting, DanielMüting, Daniel 
Meyer zu Holsten, ChristophMeyer zu Holsten, Christoph  
 Nagel, ChristianNagel, ChristianNagel, Christian
Pütsch, Hans-JoachimPütsch, Hans-Joachim  
 Rehburg, JanRehburg, JanRehburg, Jan
Riewe-Scholz, SigridRiewe-Scholz, SigridRiewe-Scholz, SigridRiewe-Scholz, Sigrid
Rohlfing, HendrikRohlfing, Hendrik  
Schlink, AchimSchlink, AchimSchlink, Achim 
Schmidt, ChristianSchmidt, ChristianSchmidt, ChristianSchmidt, Christian
Schulte, ChristianSchulte, ChristianSchulte, ChristianSchulte, Christian
Schwarzfeld, JacquelineSchwarzfeld, JacquelineSchwarzfeld, JacquelineSchwarzfeld, Jacqueline
Stapke, CarstenStapke, CarstenStapke, CarstenStapke, Carsten
Tietz, WadimTietz, WadimTietz, WadimTietz, Wadim
Votsmeier, BernhardVotsmeier, Bernhard