Sustainability Seal of Approval Re-Awarded

Oerlinghausen. In September 2020, HANNING & KAHL GmbH & Co. KG once again successfully passed the sustainability audit performed by the German Institute for Sustainability & Economy in Münster. The re-audit examined the areas of ecology, economy and social competence.

Prior to certification, the institute assessed the company’s current sustainability competencies in the areas of product, service and consulting quality, economic-efficiency planning for the future, corporate management and also ecological and social responsibility. Back in December 2016, the certifying body first awarded HANNING & KAHL the “Seal of Approval for Investment in the Future” for guaranteed sustainability.

Sustainability and Social Commitment

The East-Westphalian, family-owned company defines sustainable development and extended strategic vision of future working processes as the way to achieve long-term growth. HANNING & KAHL believes it has an obligation to act in the interest of future generations, and aims to strike a balance between people, the environment and economic viability. The internationally recognised sustainability seal of approval, issued in twelve languages, is designed to make the company’s individual sustainability competencies clear to customers and partners.