Operational Excellence

Dear Readers,

Operational Excellence refers to a series of workshops designed to lead to further improvements at HANNING & KAHL as part of our new sustainable, successful and extraordinary initiative called N.E.U.denken. Our improvements focus on value-adding areas and increasing delivery-schedule adherence, a major yardstick of customer satisfaction. Influencing variables such as disrupted supply chains, allocation of electronic components, and the Covid pandemic (which is now hopefully coming to an end), continue to disrupt supply processes. With our enlarged team in Oerlinghausen and processes optimised by Operational Excellence, we are best placed to meet the challenges mentioned above which will most likely continue to accompany us throughout 2023. 

In line with our N.E.U.denken initiative.

Following the success of the InnoTrans in September 2022, we are pleased to say our trade-fair calendar is well-filled for 2023. Fairs: starting with the NT-Expo in Sao Paulo and finishing with the AusRAIL PLUS in Sydney are excellent opportunities to keep in touch with you and strengthen our bonds. We look forward to seeing you again.

Best wishes from Oerlinghausen 
Stay safe and well!

Christian Schmidt
Managing Director 


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