HANNING & KAHL in the Process of Change – our Transformation

Dear Readers,

Transformation is a buzzword today. If you google, one definition you find is: “A transformation is understood to be a fundamental change. From a social perspective, the term is used to describe sudden changes in political, economic, or technological development.” From combustion engine to electric motor, in the steel industry towards hydrogen, and at HANNING & KAHL?

One could not say that HANNING & KAHL is in a state of fundamental flux, and we are fortunately not subject to sudden changes in our sector of rail-based transportation, yet, nonetheless, HANNING & KAHL is also undergoing transformation.

With the introduction of SIL4 technology in the Infrastructure Division, apart from the technology itself, the HVIP, new processes and methods will also be applied. These must be learned and deployed by the staff.

As we expand our activities in USA, the Rolling Stock Division faces many new requirements and challenges: from innovative level control to higher braking forces, and local content.

With Operational Excellence (See also Tram News 104), we wish to continue to improve our value-added chain with regard to efficiency and effectivity. Here, too, new techniques are constantly being implemented and changes are taking place.

With our highly motivated and loyal team at HANNING & KAHL, we are convinced that we shall master these challenges.

Christian Schmidt
Managing Director 



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