Farewell to Wolfgang Helas - A Role Model for All, a Good Friend for Many!

Dear Readers,

In this Editorial, we would like to say good-bye to Wolfgang Helas, someone who many of you knew personally and held in high esteem. Wolfgang Helas worked for HANNING & KAHL for 52 years. From training to become an electrical mechanic to successful Managing Director, he contributed significantly to the success of HANNING & KAHL. Wolfgang Helas was held in high esteem, respected and popular with all our customers. From board of directors to workbench. All over the world!

On our premises here in Oerlinghausen, Wolfgang Helas was also a man of actions and greatly respected. By shareholders and trainees alike.

Wolfgang Helas was a doer and a creator who could win the enthusiasm of customers and employees for novel ideas. He was an active member of many different associations, for example the German Railway Industry Association (VDB), the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers‘ Association (ZVEI e.V.), and the North Rhine-Westphalian Railway Technology Association, (Bahntechnik NRW e.V.). With his expertise and experience, he was involved in the design of tram projects in many cities from A – Z. From Augsburg to Zwickau, from Adelaide to Zürich.

Yet apart from the world of trams and light rail vehicles, Wolfgang Helas also captivated our attention with wonderful stories of vintage cars, culinary delights and adventures in his T3 camper van.

Wolfgang Helas passed away on 12.10.2023, much too soon, at the age of 74.
Wolfgang Helas will always be fondly remembered.

While we mourn the death of Wolfgang Helas, we would like to wish you, your families, and friends all the joys of the holiday season and a Happy New Year. We look forward to seeing you again, hale and hearty, in 2024.

Christian Schmidt
Managing Director 


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